Allen Publications is Back

The first design done by John Allen taking us back to 2012.

After three years we are back…

Well after quite some time and many website redesigns we are finally back; not only are we finally back but we are back with a renewed vision to help people. Allen Publications is moving full steam ahead.

Allen Publications was started in 2012 when a Tennessee pastor needed some graphics created for a church meeting. Instead of making the church pay a high fee, I, John Allen, attempted to design the needed materials myself. I had already played around with design and so I convinced the pastor – my dad – to let me try to do the work. We ended up using my designs for the meeting (what is pictured above). I thought that my family was bias because well…they are family, but I was excited when a local pastor who came to the meeting like my work as well and asked for some materials to be designed. After doing the job for him and another preacher, my parents suggested that I turn this into a business and I did.

Fast forward to July of 2017 and we will see that Allen Publications is back and stronger than ever after having been dormant for almost two years. I have learned much over the past five years and I am always learning more. I am constantly seeking to learn better methods to help others. So stick with me as I work to grow to be able to help people reach people.

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